Installation of parquet with glued connection

Before installing the floor, carefully read the instructions and tips for preparation and installation. First, measure the room. If the last panel row is narrower than 5 cm, the first row must be cut so that the first and last row are more or less the same width

Swimming pool installation

Installation tools

Tapping block (min. 60 cm long), puller, hammer (800 g), waterproof glue (D3, B3), glue dispenser, wedges, measuring tape, pencil, saw and square.

Place a noise-absorbing mat (for example, PE foam, corrugated board, etc.) on the subfloor. This makes the floor more flexible and quieter when walking.

  1. Start installation from the right corner of the room. The first row of panels is placed towards the grooved wall. In order to leave a uniform expansion space between the panel and the wall, spacers with a thickness of about 15 mm must be used.
  2. Place the first row of panels in place and place spacers at both ends of the row as well.
  3. Start the second row of panels with the cut end of the first row. The pitch of the end joints must be at least 40 cm.
  4. Apply the adhesive in a continuous stream along the entire side joint and end joints. Glue is applied to the upper edge of the groove. Use a tapping block to connect the panels.
  5. The last row of panels is cut to size, taking into account the expansion gap between the table and the wall, and glued to the penultimate. A puller helps pull the panels tightly together. Also, don't forget the spacers for the edge of the last row.
  6. After the glue has dried, the spacers can be removed and the expansion gap covered with a suitable strip.

NB: Since the installation of parquet floors varies depending on specific conditions, the instructions and recommendations given here do not give rise to any legal liability in terms of warranty.

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